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Keynote Speaker

Opening the door to human potential in the boardroom, the classroom, education, medicine, and relationships are fostered from understanding of human interaction, neuroscience and cognitive psychology, through simple messages and achievable strategies. Interactive experiential discussions and learning energize participants to want to move forward and improve their own potential through positive interactions.

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Think Tank Projects

CHANGE is often needed but illusive. At the moment of that serious event, we as individuals and corporations react to the moment by repeating a behavior or practice that was done in the past. It is proven that crew or team relationships affect crew and team safety, yet it is often overlooked. 


Disrupting patterns becomes necessary when we continue to do the 

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same thing expecting different results. Motivation is not enough. In order for something to change in our physical reality we need to enlist solutions in physical reality. Billy’s experience in high altitude mountaineering, 23 years of critical care medicine in a helicopter, crevasse rescue and avalanche training, high voltage lineman, diploma in mountain medicine, and National Ski Patrol, place him in high acuity, high risk environments, where teamwork decides life or death. By recognizing the pattern that needs to be disrupted, and then making a small adjustments to that pattern, we create opportunity for change. Billy is a change agent, pattern disruptor, myth buster and a translator. Unless we translate that great idea to an action, nothing changes. "Together, we can change the world think"



Improving how we work together unlocks a higher potential. Our humanness can be a limiting factor until we recognize how joining forces improves our crew, team and family relationships. Training and education provide the framework to approach work by thinking differently about how we collaborate and interact.

Train the 3P's: Practice Primes Proficiency Are you practicing "Speaking Up", or just telling people they need to? Remove barriers to higher human potential by eliminating the 3 D's. Dismissiveness, Divisiveness, and Defensiveness. Train the trainer to interact in Physical Reality, so actually change occurs.  ​ "The mind that stretched to a new idea never returns to its original size" - Albert Einstein

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