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Developing Your Super Powers

   Open the door to your future


“When we are helping others become the best version of themselves, we are being the best version of ourselves” Author unknown


Through open discussion, interaction and experiential experience discover and unlock your superpowers to navigate the sometimes difficult terrain of life. Relate Stories from experiences

in Wilderness Medicine, Helicopter Rescue and Wilderness Expeditions to promote the foundations necessary for achievement.

Some of the Superpower Discussions include:

  • How your personal bandwidth affects the quality of decision making.

    • The Hamburger Bandwidth

  • Why Intellect and Error do not correlate. 

    • Think you can’t be fooled?

  • Your ability to read minds.

    • Candid Camera: The Elevator

  • Your influence on another person’s brain.

    • Predictions

  • Where your information and wisdom comes from.

    • Conscious VS Unconscious

  • Confirmation Bias and Nodding Heads

    • The Hollow Mask Illusion

  • Reading the Signs and Red Flags of Life

    • “The Wisdom of the “AND”, and the Tyranny of the “OR”

    • Applying your superpowers


This can be done as an interactive presentation with or without a computer and screen. Understanding how our brains work, helps recognize our power to move forward with positive direction.  Encouraging collective genius pulling from the strengths of each other is the objective. 


Bill Martin

Think Tank Project LLC



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