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A Think Tank Project brings together diverse members of a community or industry to foster out-of-the-box ideas to solve real problems. If there is no clear, safe and secure landing zone, a successful flight can end with failure. Team and Crew Dynamics are an important aspect to developing a High Reliability Organization. 


From experience at High Altitude Expeditions, Intense Critical Care Transport, Wilderness Medicine, coupled with a Career in the Electric Utility Industry; William Martin (Mr. Bill), has shared insights in conferences, and workshops to enhance the work at the sharp end. How we think, act and build trust is at least as important as our skill set. Training in this area enhances potential at home and at work. How we land at work and home has influence and impact on everything we do. Get ready to take off with a new and fresh perspective! 

Conference talks, small groups and workshops

Whatever you are preparing to accomplish, establishing a shared mental model by getting connected and staying connected produces better outcomes. How do we get on the same page? How do we learn to acknowledge that ideas come from all around us? How do we recognize the potential our team has, so we rise to the highest potential outcome? Psychological Safety, Emotional Intelligence and other strategies are just words without a way to implement a plan. Let's get started with a map and a flight plan!

Strategy, Tactic, Implementation

Some of the greatest ideas never arrive at the sharp end of the work. Sense making involves testing an idea and learning from it. When we make decisions we tend to stand behind the decision and defend it. When we defend, we are listening to respond instead of listening to understand. Then learning  can be a difficult journey. Let's build tactics that are understandable and easy to implement at the point of work. Do a good preflight inspection and then test, learn and repeat. Listen to understand does not require us to like the person or the idea. The safety of the team is the most important goal.

Outcome Bias

Incident Investigations often fall short by stopping at cause and affect. Implementation of lessons learned only work if they are actually directed at the cause of the incident. 22 years of critical care has provided a clear understanding of the consequences of our decisions. All workers at the sharp end, have told me they believe team and crew dynamics and relationships affect their safety. If we can affect and improve team, crew and family relationships, we can improve outcomes. The pilot is in charge of the aircraft, but the crew is integral in maintaining clear and transparent communication. Is it safe for you to speak up?

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