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Predict and Create Better Future Outcomes

If you could decide to predict and create your future rather than be a victim of it, would you be interested?

Having flown 23 years in a critical care helicopter, I have seen terrible outcomes. One small change early can change everything. Learning to recognize those opportunities to predict the outcome we want and then make decisions to create that outcome is in our DNA. We are designed to create the outcome we want. It’s time to learn how.

About William

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William Martin Spent 34 years working for an Electric Utility in various positions.


20 years of that time was as an Electric Utility Lineman, and 9 years running a regional office and crews. While working as a Lineman, he also became involved with medicine through National Ski Patrol and Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Services.


William’s experience includes Instructor Trainer for National Ski Patrol and a New York State Certified Course Instructor Coordinator (CIC) at the Paramedic Level, and twenty-three years flying as a Flight Paramedic while he continued work in the Electric Utility. His work with a Mountain Rescue Team brought medicine to more austere environments. Further pursuit of skill and knowledge improvement brought a certificate in Advanced Wilderness Life Support, a Diploma in Mountain Medicine and graduated as a Registered Nurse in 2017.

He has been a project manager for bare-hand high voltage crews and a Safety Director. William’s experience in austere environments and working in extreme conditions with dynamic teams provides a framework for stories that depict applicable lessons for daily life. Trekking to Mt Everest Base Camp, Climbing Mt. Kenya, Kilimanjaro, crevasse rescue training on Mt. Rainier, Cave rescues and flying critical patients, places William Martin in a unique niche of experiences that translate to the betterment and improvement of the human condition.


Bill Formed Think Tank Project LLC to support his efforts to steer cultures through speaking, coaching and training managers and workers to reach their highest potential.

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Talk Topics

William's Talks


This is one of those Moments.

Those moments in our life we wish we could take back and make a different decision. We can learn to recognize them going forward.

Moving from Human Performance to Human Potential.

Removing barriers to being our highest performing self.

Explore your

If we only understood how much we truly know, we would listen to ourselves more. Learn how to stop second guessing and enlist the superpowers you were born with!


William's Testimonials


"I saw lightning in a bottle yesterday. This is a game changer."

Steve Martin
20 year Utility Work, 13 Years Lineman, Safety Representative, Author, Writer


"As I looked around the room on Tuesday everyone was on the edge of their seat, and everyone was listening to Billy’s presentation. His presentation was spot on for the changes in culture we need to make."

Matthew J Hegarty
Superintendent of Electric
Fairport Municipal Commission


"I was director of safety for National Grid as well as VP of safety for Asplundh Construction before going on my own as a safety consultant. I've seen many speakers in that time but Bill brings a new way to start the safety discussions between the crew members and leadership to the masses.

I have had the privilage of seeing him speak twice now as well as listen to his podcasts and continue to take pieces away that I use in everyday life at home and in the field."

Robert “Bo” Maryyanek

Safety Bo coaching and consulting LLC


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Call: 518-354-0569

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